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Waste tire/Plastic pyrolysis equipment

  • Waste tire pyrolysis equipment
Waste tire pyrolysis equipment

Waste tire pyrolysis equipment

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  • Pyrolysing waste tire,rubber, plastic etc. to fuel oil,carbon black and steel wire.
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Ruixin Environment (China) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruixin Environment) is a group manufacturing company limited by shares that integrates research and development, production, sales, after-sales service, import and export.

Since its establishment, the company has obtained a number of national invention patents. Through mature and complete organic polymer cracking technology, the organic wastes generated in daily life, such as household garbage, waste plastics, waste oil, are harmless, reduced, and recycled for reuse, allowing the wastes to become renewable new energy with economic benefits.

Over the years, Ruixin Environmental Cracking Equipment has been widely used in 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia, Italy, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and other fields such as petrochemical industry, waste oil, household waste, and used tires.

Ruixin Environment not only has its own research and development team, but also has an independent open laboratory. At the same time, it has also established cooperation with many well-known universities and research institutes in China, and established high-level professional "industry, university, and research" platforms and "military civilian integration" platforms in the petrochemical industry in China.
Treatment process:
low-temperature oxygen-free pyrolysis process is adopted, and the system includes: pretreatment system, feed system, cracking system, liquid separation cooling system, non-condensable combustible gas purification system, flue gas purification system, discharge system, circulating water cooling system, and electrical automatic control system. Used for recycling waste tires. By thoroughly decomposing the high molecular polymers in waste tires to return them to small molecular or monomer states, fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire are produced. Under the premise of safe, environmentally friendly, continuous, and stable operation, the recycling, harmless, and reduced disposal of waste tires is achieved.
Technical characteristics:
1. Wide material adaptability

Widely used in various types of waste rubber, generally without the need for sorting, screening, dehydration, and other processing;

2. Low processing cost

The pyrolysis process is completely non coking, and unique thermal dispersion technology ensures uniform heating of materials, high heat transfer efficiency, and can complete gas-liquid solid separation of materials at lower temperatures; Non condensable combustible gas is purified and used as fuel for heating. Flue gas waste heat circulation technology is adopted to save energy and reduce emissions; Indirect cooling with circulating water is used for material cooling; The process flow is concise; The treatment cost is far lower than other domestic and foreign waste treatment processes and methods;

3. Efficient resource recovery

Fully complete pyrolysis, maximum resource recovery, high resource yield and quality;

4. Good environmental benefits

The operation of the production line is not affected by external environmental factors such as weather. In terms of safety and environmental protection, the entire pyrolysis process is completed in closed equipment pipelines, avoiding dust and VOC leakage, and generating no secondary pollution. Achieve continuous and stable operation at full load for a long time under the premise of safety and environmental protection;

5. Intelligent automation

The production line has a high degree of automation. Through the PLC/DCS automated intelligent control system, each individual equipment and process control point can be monitored, collected, displayed, calculated, processed in real time, and corresponding instructions can be issued. Automatic deviation correction and automatic alarm can truly achieve intelligent and safe operation, with low staffing requirements.

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