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Service Commitment

Ruixin Environment has served customers in over 80 countries or regions around the world for more than ten years, especially in serving international customers, and has honed high demand service quality.
In addition to the group customer service center specializing in customer service, other subsidiaries and departments of Ruixin Environmental Protection also collaborate with customer service through a mature mechanism, and every employee deeply understands the importance of customer service.
Ruixin Environment will provide you with high-quality and convenient services in three stages: pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales:

Pre sales: Reasonable plan, for your benefit
Customers can inform them of the required equipment or services through various methods such as online consultation, telephone consultation, email consultation, etc. (7 * 24 services), and then have professional engineers negotiate with them in detail.

Ruixin Environmental Engineers assist customers in selecting appropriate product models, determining product specifications, production processes, product technical parameters, and delivery deadlines based on their different needs.

For clients of the EPC project for factory construction, engineers will carry out engineering planning and design according to the client's needs, to save costs, time, and improve efficiency as much as possible, and fully meet the client's needs.

During sales: comprehensive guarantee and steady progress

Develop a production plan based on the negotiation content and initiate the sales service process. After confirming and filing the customer information, it is handed over to the factory for product production.

Due to the customer service representative's understanding of the customer's detailed information, during the production process, the customer service representative will provide their own opinions and suggestions on the materials produced by the customer and their characteristics, as well as the designed chemical process. And customers can also reflect some special requirements for the purchased products to customer service representatives, such as proposing changes in the middle or making changes in details.

In terms of component procurement, customer service representatives will ensure that the model, size, etc. of the purchased components meet the requirements. At the same time, they will communicate with customers in a timely manner for unclear parts and pay attention to whether the quality of the purchased components meets production requirements.

In terms of production progress, customer service representatives will consider customer information and actual situations, and promptly provide reminders and communicate with the production department for any obvious unreasonable parts of the production progress to ensure delivery within the current scheduled date.

For product quality issues, customer service representatives will pay attention to the quality of the entire production process. They will communicate with the production department in a timely manner regarding whether the appearance of the equipment is beautiful and elegant, whether the chemical process meets the requirements of the drawings, and whether the mechanical and electrical aspects are reasonable, in order to avoid making up for deficiencies afterwards.

In addition, the customer service representative will also send the customer manual to the customer before they receive the goods. After the equipment production is completed, customer service representatives will participate in the pre shipment testing work, work with quality inspection personnel, strictly control product quality, and prevent products that fail the testing from leaving the factory. Afterwards, we will check the labeling and packaging, arrange for product transportation issues, and ensure that the products are delivered on time and with good quality.

After sales: thoughtful follow-up, quick response

After confirming that the customer has received the goods, start the after-sales customer service program, which mainly includes installation, debugging, and maintenance.

Firstly, in order to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service and standardize the after-sales service behavior of customer service representatives, Ruixin Environmental Protection has established an after-sales customer service management system to effectively supervise and manage the entire after-sales service.

Secondly, in response to the customer's needs, the customer representative will conduct a telephone follow-up visit within 24 hours after the installation and debugging is completed to understand whether the customer has encountered difficulties in product installation and debugging, as well as whether there have been any issues during the use of the product, and provide guidance to them. After confirming the successful installation and debugging of the product, it will also undergo irregular maintenance.

In addition, for products that require maintenance, if the situation is relatively simple, they can be quickly resolved through telephone guidance and registered for record keeping. For products that require replacement of accessories or other important issues, Ruixin Environmental Protection customer service personnel will promptly arrange corresponding solutions and personnel.

Afterwards, Ruixin Environment deeply realized that the problems reflected and accumulated experience in after-sales service play a crucial role in improving product quality and enhancing the technical level of the enterprise, and are also a highly valuable asset for the enterprise. Therefore, Ruixin Environmental Protection has established a comprehensive after-sales maintenance and service archive, and Ruixin Environmental Protection's after-sales service will continue to improve and strive for excellence on this basis.

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